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Brown/Macklin/McNally/Campbell Family History
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The Macklin Family History

The Macklin Family


1.  John Macklin.  He married Susannah Kemble, married 14 May 1780 in Manningford Bohune, Wiltshire.


            2.       i       Sarah Macklin b. 1780.

                      ii     John Macklin, b. 1783 in Manningford?.

                     iii       Isaac Macklin, b. 1785 in Manningford?.

                     iv       Mary Macklin, b. 1791 in Manningford?.

                      v       Martha Macklin, b. 1798 in Manningford?.

                     vi       Susanna Macklin, b. 1801 in Manningford?.


Second Generation


2.  Sarah Macklin, b. 1780 in Wilsford, Pewsey, Wiltshire?.  She married unknown, married unknown.


                      i       Elizabeth Macklin, b. 1803 in Wilsford, Pewsey, Wiltshire?.

            3.       ii     Isaac Macklin b. 14 Aug 1809.

                     iii       Henry Macklin.  He married Theresa Ann Thirtle, married 6 Apr 1863 in St Matthews, Albury.


Third Generation


3.  Isaac Macklin, b. 14 Aug 1809 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire.  He married Elizabeth Bayley, married 20 Mar 1834 in Wilsford, Pewsey, Wiltshire, b. 6 Oct 1815 in Wilsford, Pewsey, Wiltshire, (daughter of Thomas Bayley and Maria ?) d. 17 Oct 1869 in Beechworth, Victoria, buried: in Beechworth, Victoria.  Isaac died 18 Jun 1889 in Tallangatta, Victoria, buried: in Tallangatta, Victoria.


            4.       i       Louisa Elizabeth Macklin b. 1834.

            5.       ii     Eliza Macklin b. ? Dec 1839.

            6.       iii       Emma Macklin b. ? Jun 1841.

            7.       iv       Jasper Macklin b. 17 Apr 1842.

            8.       v       Sarah Macklin b. ? Mar 1846.

            9.       vi       Mary Macklin b. 19 Jul 1849.

                     vii       Elizabeth Macklin, b. 1 Oct 1852 in Little Eltham.

            10.       viii       Maria Macklin b. 1854.

            11.       ix       Ellen Macklin b. 2 Jun 1856.

                      x       Henry Macklin, d. bef. 1889 in as infant.


Fourth Generation


4.  Louisa Elizabeth Macklin, b. 1834 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire.  She married (1) George Boswell, married 20 May 1850 in St Peters, Melbourne, b. circa 1827 in Welford, Northampton, England.  She married (2) Samuel Dagley, married 29 Mar 1863 in Heidelberg, Melbourne, Victoria, b. 24 Dec 1819 in Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire, (son of Philip Dagley and Sophia Bazley) d. 12 Sep 1906 in Wyalong, NSW, buried: in West Wyalong.  Louisa died 9 Jun 1897 in Temora, buried: in Temora.


            12.     i       George Boswell b. 1851.

                      ii     James (Jno) Boswell, b. 1852, d. 1886 in Maffra, Victoria.

            13.       iii       Thomas Buswell b. 1856.

            14.       iv       Eliza Boswell b. 1859.

            15.     v       William Buswell b. 1861.

            16.       vi       Samuel Philip Brown b. 24 Jan 1864.

            17.       vii       Sophia Elizabeth Brown b. 15 Aug 1865.

            18.       viii       Isaac Jasper Brown b. 13 Aug 1867.

            19.       ix       Mary Stanton Brown b. 25 Jan 1869.

            20.     x       Abraham Brown b. 10 Sep 1870.

            21.       xi       Jacob Brown b. 9 Nov 1871.

                     xii       Emma Brown, b. 8 Dec 1872 in Maldon, Vic, d. 21 May 1888 in Temora.

            22.       xiii       Henry Brown b. 1 Dec 1874.

            23.       xiv       Ellen Brown b. 19 Nov 1877.

            24.       xv       Albert Joseph Peter Brown b. 14 Dec 1879.


5.  Eliza Macklin, b. ? Dec 1839 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire.  She married (1) James Buick.  She married (2) William Clark, b. 11 Jul 1836 in Launceston, Tasmania, d. 1905.  Eliza died 15 Jan 1916 in Yackandandah.


                      i       Sophia Buick, b. 1855 in North Melbourne.

                      ii     Alexander Finlay Buick, b. 1862 in St Kilda.

                     iii       William John Jos. Buick, b. 1864 in Sandhurst.

                     iv       Eliza Bithian Buick, b. 1867 in Sandhurst.

                      v       Agnes Mary Buick, b. 1869 in Sandhurst.

                     vi       John Buick, b. 1870 in Sandhurst.

                     vii       Flora Buick, b. 1873 in Sandhurst.

                     viii       David Buick, b. 1875 in Kang.

                     ix       Ann Clark, b. 1856.

            25.     x       Emma Clark b. 1858.

                     xi       William Clark, b. 1861 in Yackandandah, d. 1905.

                     xii       Charles Henry Clark, b. 1862 in Eltham.  He married Eliza Boswell, married 1902, b. 1859 in Eltham, (daughter of George Boswell and Louisa Elizabeth Macklin) d. 1915 in Yea.  Charles died 28 Feb 1907 in Beechworth.

                     xiii       John Edward Clark, b. 1864, d. 1923 in Dargo.

                     xiv       James Clark, b. 1865 in Belvoir, d. 1940 in Beechworth.

                     xv       Isaac Clark, b. 1867 in Belvoir, d. 1932 in Beechworth.

            26.       xvi       Martha Clark b. 1869.

                     xvii       Thomas Clark, b. 1871 in Stanley, d. 1913 in Beechworth.

                     xviii       Robert Clark, b. 1873 in Beechworth.

            27.       xix       Peter Frederick Clark b. 1875.

                     xx       Alfred Clark, b. 1878 in Stanley.

            28.       xxi       Elizabeth Jane Clark b. 1882.


6.  Emma Macklin, b. ? Jun 1841 in Wilsford, Wiltshire.  She married Christopher Bailey, married 13 Jun 1842 in St Peters, Melboune, b. 1832 in Manningford Bohun, Wiltshire, (son of Robert Bailey and Maria Holloway) d. 19 Nov 1912 in Tallangatta.  Emma died 29 Oct 1887 in Allan's Flat.


                      i       Ellen Bailey, b. 1862 in Eltham, d. 1867 in Staghorn Flat.

            29.     ii     Robert Bailey b. 1864.

                     iii       George Bailey, b. 1867 in Osborne Flat, d. 1867 in Staghorn Flat.

            30.       iv       Maria Bailey b. 1868.

            31.     v       Georgina Bailey b. 1871.

                     vi       Christina Bailey, b. 1874 in Osbornes Flat.  She married George Henry Wright.

                     vii       Laura Emma Bayley, b. 1876 in Baranduda, Osbornes Flat, d. 1877 in Baranduda.

            32.       viii       Belinda Ellen Bailey b. 1878.

            33.       ix       Sarah Ann Bailey b. 1880.

            34.     x       Christopher John Bailey b. 1883.


7.  Jasper Macklin, b. 17 Apr 1842 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire.  He married Annie Mildren, b. 24 Jun 1847 in St. Erth, Cornwall, (daughter of ? Mildren and ? King) d. 29 Jan 1931 in Tallangatta Valley.  Jasper died 26 Sep 1927 in Tallangatta Valley.


            35.     i       Annie Macklin b. 13 Oct 1866.

            36.     ii     Isaac Macklin b. 11 Mar 1868.

            37.       iii       William Henry Macklin b. 7 Jul 1871.

            38.       iv       Elizabeth Grace Macklin b. 11 Mar 1872.

                      v       John Macklin, b. 20 Apr 1874 in Osborne's Flat, d. 1952 in Wangaratta.

            39.       vi       Charles Macklin b. 14 Apr 1876.

            40.       vii       Jasper Macklin b. 19 Jan 1878.

                     viii       Richard Mildren Macklin, b. 1880 in Allan's Flat, d. 8 Aug 1880 in Allan's Flat.

                     ix       Mary Jane Macklin, b. 12 Feb 1881 in Allan's Flat, d. 1946 in Abbotsford.

            41.     x       Richard Macklin b. 12 Sep 1883.

            42.       xi       Robert Macklin b. 6 Nov 1885.

            43.       xii       Ellen Macklin b. 1887.

            44.       xiii       Edward James Macklin b. 16 Sep 1888.

            45.       xiv       Thomas Macklin b. 25 May 1890.


8.  Sarah Macklin, b. ? Mar 1846 in Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire.  She married Peter Sarre, married 12 Aug 1863 in Yackandandah, Vic.  Sarah died 1924 in Wodonga.


                      i       Florence Rollason, d. 1923.


9.  Mary Macklin, b. 19 Jul 1849 in Pentridge, Melbourne.  She married (1) William Stanton, b. 1841, d. 12 Mar 1896 in Echuca.  She married (2) Charles Stephenson, married ? Dec 1898.  Mary died 4 Nov 1924 in Footscray.


                      i       Annie Stanton, b. 1867 in Corowa.  She married Henry Peppernell, married 24 Mar 1885.

                      ii     William Stanton, b. 1868 in Corowa.  He married Nell Forsythe, married 1900.  William died 1948.

                     iii       Elizabeth Stanton, b. 1870 in Stanley.  She married William Donald Sutherland, married 20 Jul 1889.  Elizabeth died 26 Feb 1957.

                     iv       James Stanton, b. 1872 in Allan's Flat, d. bef 1889.

                      v       Arthur Stanton, b. 1873 in Yackandandah, d. 25 Mar 1921 in Echuca.

                     vi       Lavinia Stanton, b. 1874 in Allans Flat.  She married James Joseph Murphy, married 1896.

                     vii       Jessie Mary Stanton, b. 1876 in Corowa.

                     viii       Thomas Stanton, b. 1877 in Corowa, d. 1954 in Koondrook.

                     ix       Benjamin Stanton, b. 1879 in Balranald.  He married Charlotte Hunter, married 20 Jul 1907.  Benjamin died 29 Dec 1961 in Nedlands, WA.

                      x       George Stanton, b. 1880.  He married Evelyn Olive Wilson, married 1923.  George died 20 Jun 1965 in Cohuna.

                     xi       Charles Henry Stanton, b. 1885 in Echuca.  He married (1) Ethel Hitchins.  He married (2) Alice Rowbottom, married 1905.  Charles died 27 Jun 1951.

                     xii       James Stanton, b. 30 Sep 1889 in Echuca.  He married Lillian Elizabeth Sharman, married 12 Jan 1920.  James died 3 Sep 1964.

                     xiii       Frederick Stanton, b. 21 Apr 1892 in Echuca, d. 26 Sep 1917 in WW1, France.


10.  Maria Macklin, b. 1854 in Little Eltham.  She married (1) Richard Thomas Hart, married 2 Jan 1872 in St Mathews, Albury, b. 20 Dec 1835 in Lower Green, Helston, Cornwall, (son of Thomas Hart and Jane Hendy) d. 6 Jul 1900 in Granya.  She married (2) Antonio Victor de Travers, married 20 Sep 1909, b. 5 Jul 1852 in Switzerland, d. 23 Nov 1931 in Tallangatta.  Maria died 26 May 1938 in Tallangatta.


            46.     i       John Spencer Hart b. 5 Sep 1873.

            47.     ii     Reuben Hendy Hart b. 1874.

                     iii       Richard Thomas Hart, b. 1876 in Wodonga, d. 1957 in Tallangatta.

            48.       iv       James Isaac Hart b. 1878.

                      v       Mary Jane Hart, b. 21 Mar 1880 in Koetang, Victoria, d. 7 Jul 1975 in Chiltern.

                     vi       Sarah Annie Hart, b. 1882 in Tallangatta, d. 1882 in Tallangatta.

                     vii       Margaret Susan Hart, b. 1883 in Tallangatta, d. 1959 in Chiltern.

                     viii       Ellen Maria Hart, b. 1886 in Tallangatta, d. 18 Dec 1902 in Granya.

                     ix       Thomas Frances Hart, b. 1888 in Tallangatta, d. 1943 in Albury.

                      x       Samuel Henry Hart, b. 4 Jun 1890 in "The Rest", Bullioh, d. 1969 in Wodonga.

                     xi       Albert Alan Hart, b. 1893 in Granya, d. 1913.


11.  Ellen Macklin, b. 2 Jun 1856 in Little Eltham.  She married Thomas House, married 26 Sep 1874 in Albury, b. 16 Feb 1846 in Drayton, England, d. 14 Aug 1910 in Coonamble.  Ellen died 13 Dec 1914 in Coonamble, NSW.


                      i       Mary House, b. 25 Jun 1875 in Wodonga, d. 1876 in Wodonga.

                      ii     Jane House, b. 19 Jul 1876 in Wodonga.

                     iii       Emma House, b. 3 Feb 1878 in Bondara Station.

                     iv       Elizabeth Solway House, b. 1879 in Booligal, d. 1879 in Booligal.

                      v       Elizabeth Solway House, b. 25 Nov 1882 in Milparinka, d. 8 Dec 1911 in Capalaba, Queensland.

                     vi       Alice House, b. 1886 in Milparinka, d. 7 Jan 1967.

                     vii       Thomas House, b. 1888.

                     viii       Samuel House, b. 9 Feb 1891 in Milparinka.

                     ix       Ellen House, b. 1 Dec 1892 in Milparinka.

                      x       Maude House, b. 23 Nov 1894 in Milparinka.


Fifth Generation


12.  George Boswell, b. 1851 in Holy Trinity, Coburg, Pentridge, Vic.  He married Sarah Arnold, married 20 Jan 1873 in Yackandandah, Vic., b. abt 1859 in Albury, (daughter of ? Arnold) d. 1944 in Griffith, buried: in Griffith.


                      i       William James Boswell, b. 26 Dec 1874 in Newington, Gundaroo.

                      ii     ?.

                     iii       Mary Buswell.


13.  Thomas Buswell, b. 1856 in Eltham, Vic.  He married Isabella Wright, married 1881 in Vic, b. 1859 in Melbourne.  Thomas died 1939 in Whitfield.


                      i       Thomas Buswell, b. 1881 in Carlton, d. 1881 in Prahran.

                      ii     George Albert Buswell, b. 1883 in Prahran.

                     iii       Jessie Scott Buswell, b. 1885 in Prahran, d. 1886 in Prahran.

                     iv       Percy McLean Buswell, b. 1885 in Prahran, d. 1886 in Prahran.


14.  Eliza Boswell, b. 1859 in Eltham.  She married (1) Thomas George Harris, married 24 Mar 1883 in Vic, b. 19 Jan 1856 in Glen Patrick, d. 1895.  She married (2) John William Harris, married 13 Nov 1895, b. 1858, d. 1900 in Alexandra.  She married (3) Charles Henry Clark, married 1902, b. 1862 in Eltham, (son of William Clark and Eliza Macklin) d. 28 Feb 1907 in Beechworth.  Eliza died 1915 in Yea.


                      i       Emma Ezabela Harris, b. 1880 in Maindample, d. 1960 in Euroa.

                      ii     Robert Alfred Harris, b. 1881 in Bonnie Doon, d. 1943 in Mooroopna.

                     iii       Thomas George Harris, b. 1883 in Bonnie Doon, d. 1916 in Ancona.

                     iv       Cora Malvena Harris, b. 1 Jan 1885 in Bonnie Doon, d. 16 Sep 1931 in Molesworth.

                      v       Mabel Louise Harris, b. 1886 in Bonnie Doon, d. 1956 in Broadford.

                     vi       Julia Harris, b. 1888 in Bonnie Doon.

                     vii       Alice Sophia Harris, b. 1891 in Bonnie Doon, d. 1893 in Merton.

                     viii       John William Harris, b. 1892 in Bonnie Doon, d. 27 Apr 1969.

                     ix       Victoria May Harris, b. 1894 in Bonnie Doon, d. 1963 in Melbourne.

                      x       Arthur Oakley Harris, b. 1897 in Growlers Gully, Bonnie Doon, d. 1976 in Euroa.

                     xi       Walter Clifford Harris, b. 1898 in Bonnie Doon, d. 1973 in Preston.

                     xii       Eliza Harris, b. 1899 in Merton.


15.  William Buswell, b. 1861 in Eltham.  He married Jessie Kerr, married 1884 in Vic, b. abt 1862 in Keilor.  William died 1973 in Kyneton.


                      i       Alice Buswell, b. 1884.

                      ii     Roderick William Buswell, b. 1886 in Metcalf, d. 1973 in Kyneton.


16.  Samuel Philip Brown, b. 24 Jan 1864 in Diamond Ck. nr. Melbourne.  He married (1) Elizabeth Mary Matthews, married 10 Jul 1888 in Temora, b. 1865 in Parkes, d. 1 Jun 1938 in Temora.  He married (2) Beatrice Maria Ford, married 1904 in Walhalla, Victoria, b. 1886, (daughter of ? Ford and ?) d. 1943 in Melbourne.  Samuel died 1943 in Melbourne.


            49.     i       Evelyn Cecilia Elizabeth Temora Boswell b. 15 Jul 1889.

            50.     ii     Elsie Sarah Lillian Boswell b. 19 Aug 1893.

                     iii       Beatrice Phillipini Brown, b. 1905 in Walhalla, Vic.

                     iv       Phillip Henry Brown, b. 1907 in Walhalla, Vic.

                      v       Arthur Edward Brown, b. 1909 in Warburton, Vic.

                     vi       Dorothy Myrtle Brown, b. 1911 in Warburton, Vic.

                     vii       Albert Harold Brown.

                     viii       Herbert Macklin Brown, b. 1920 in Warburton, Vic.

                     ix       Emma Louisa Brown, b. 1923.


17.  Sophia Elizabeth Brown, b. 15 Aug 1865 in Sandy Creek, Maldon.  She married (1) John Nile Stanford, married 24 Jul 1886 in St Pauls, Temora, b. 1854 in at sea, (son of Stephen Stanford and Martha ?) d. 3 Feb 1898 in West Wyalong, buried: 4 Feb 1898 in West Wyalong.  She married (2) unknown.  She married (3) Isaac Fletcher, married 11 Mar 1904 in West Wyalong, b. 1867 in Grenfell, d. 0 May 1928 in Kogarah.  Sophia died 7 Apr 1950 in Bexley, Sydney, buried: in Woronora.


            51.     i       Martha Stanford b. 5 Feb 1887.

            52.     ii     Stephen Stanford b. 1888.

            53.       iii       John Stanford b. 1889.

                     iv       William Henry Stanford, b. 1890 in Daylesford, Vic., d. 1892 in Temora.

                      v       Evan Stanford, b. 1892 in Temora.  He married Leila Matilda Dyason, married 10 Oct 1925 in Glebe, (daughter of John Dyason and ?). Evan died 1939 in Temora.

                     vi       Arthur Ernest Stanford, b. 1893, d. 1894 in Barmedman.

            54.       vii       James Stanford b. 10 Sep 1894.

            55.       viii       Gregory Stanford b. 29 Oct 1896.

            56.       ix       Olive Stanford b. 4 Mar 1898.

                      x       Perry Dolly Stanford, b. 1902 in West Wyalong, d. 1 Jan 1903 in West Wyalong, buried: 2 Jan 1903.

                     xi       Hilda Lillian Fletcher, b. 1899 in West Wyalong, d. 17 Jan 1906 in West Wyalong, buried: 17 Jan 1906.

            57.       xii       Victor Fletcher b. 1904.

            58.       xiii       Henry Fletcher b. 1906.

            59.       xiv       Louisa Mathilda Fletcher b. 1908.

            60.       xv       Violet Evelyn  Fletcher b. 1910.


18.  Isaac Jasper Brown, b. 13 Aug 1867 in Maldon, Vic.  He married Emily Eva Carberry, married 1896 in Temora, b. 1872, d. 20 Aug 1945 in Temora.  Isaac died 7 May 1947 in Temora.


            61.     i       Rita Isabella Brown b. 1902.

            62.     ii     Joseph Henry Brown b. 3 Mar 1909.


19.  Mary Stanton Brown, b. 25 Jan 1869 in Maldon.  She married Ernest Hanks Keith, married 17 Oct 1887 in Temora, b. 1861, d. 18 Dec 1955 in Temora.  Mary died 10 May 1935 in Sebastopol.


                      i       Charles Louis Keith, b. 1888, d. 28 Sep 1895 in Temora.

            63.     ii     Alfred William Keith b. 1890.

                     iii       Myrtle Keith, b. 28 Aug 1891 in Temora.  She married Joseph Edward Berger, married 1915 in Temora, d. 12 Mar 1949.  Myrtle died 2 Feb 1968 in Windsor.

            64.       iv       Albert Keith b. 2 Apr 1893.

                      v       Richard Hanks Keith, b. 28 Mar 1895 in Temora.  He married Leliti (Lydia) AB Hogan, married 1924 in Temora.  Richard died 3 Mar 1988 in Temora.

            65.       vi       Ethel May Keith b. 14 Oct 1904.


20.  Abraham Brown, b. 10 Sep 1870 in Sandy Creek, Maldon, Victoria.  He married (1) Hannah Egan, married 2 Mar 1904 in Temora, b. 1875 in Temora, (daughter of Edward Egan and Fanny Armstrong) d. 28 Oct 1918 in Temora.  He married (2) Elizabeth A Davies, married 1922 in Petersham, d. 1924.  He married (3) Mary Victoria McNally, married 30 Apr 1929 in Wagga Wagga, NSW, b. 5 Sep 1899 in Maffra, Victoria, (daughter of Patrick Owen Joseph McNally and Mary Jane Campbell) d. 15 Jul 1984 in Temora, buried: 17 Jul 1984 in Temora.  Abraham died 8 Aug 1946 in Temora, NSW, buried: in Temora.


            66.     i       Edward John Curry Brown b. 1905.

            67.     ii     Abraham Jasper Macklin Brown b. 7 Aug 1908.

            68.       iii       William Campbell Brown b. 30 Oct 1924.

            69.       iv       Robert Bruce Brown b. 23 Jan 1930.

            70.     v       Marie Louise Brown b. 25 Dec 1934.


21.  Jacob Brown, b. 9 Nov 1871 in Maldon.  He married Emily Ratcliff, married 1899 in West Wyalong, (daughter of Alfred Ratcliff and Elizabeth ?) d. 1965 in West Wyalong.  Jacob died 30 May 1947.


            71.     i       Elsie Myrtle Brown b. 22 Sep 1900.

            72.     ii     Arthur Harold Brown b. 1903.

            73.       iii       Alfred John Brown b. 11 Oct 1911.

            74.       iv       Gladys Alma Brown b. 1913.

                      v       Leslie F Brown, b. 1918 in West Wyalong, d. 1918 in West Wyalong.


22.  Henry Brown, b. 1 Dec 1874 in Maldon.  He married Emily Ellen Patterson, married 1901 in Wyalong, b. 18 Feb 1881 in North Wagga, (daughter of William Francis Patterson and Emily Ellen Farrell) d. 20 Jul 1951 in Temora, buried: 21 Jul 1951 in Temora.  Henry died 26 Apr 1946 in Temora, buried: in Temora.


            75.     i       William Henry Brown b. 6 Feb 1902.

            76.     ii     Florence Agnes Mary Brown b. 8 Jan 1904.

                     iii       Ernest Albert John Brown, b. 29 Apr 1906 in West Wyalong, d. 4 Sep 1906 in Glebe, Sydney, buried: 5 Sep 1906 in Rookwood.

                     iv       Ethel Ellen Brown, b. 4 May 1908 in Temora, d. 30 Aug 1911 in Temora.

            77.     v       Herbert Macklin John Brown b. 19 Nov 1911.

            78.       vi       Eileen Mary (Maisie) Brown b. 2 Oct 1913.

            79.       vii       Arthur George Brown b. 31 Oct 1915.

            80.       viii       Evan Laurence (Max) Brown b. 6 Jul 1919.


23.  Ellen Brown, b. 19 Nov 1877 in Maldon, Vic.  She married (1) Patrick Doyle, married 1899 in Temora, b. 1858, d. 1931 in Temora.  She married (2) Frederick Royal, married 1932 in Temora.  Ellen died 0 Jul 1967 in West Wyalong, buried: 26 Jul 1967 in Temora.


            81.     i       Dorothy Margaret (Dorrie) Doyle b. 1899.

            82.     ii     Elsie Mary (Daisy) Doyle b. 12 Jan 1901.

            83.       iii       Kathleen M Doyle b. 1909.

                     iv       Clarence J Doyle, b. 1916 in Temora, d. 13 Sep 1944 in Phillipines, buried: in at sea.


24.  Albert Joseph Peter Brown, b. 14 Dec 1879 in Maldon, Victoria.  He married Lydia Ann Ford, married 20 Jan 1904 in Walhalla, b. 1880, (daughter of ? Ford and ?) d. 15 Aug 1952 in Montague, Vic.  Albert died 26 Mar 1942 in Prahan, Vic, buried: 28 Mar 1942 in Westburn.


                      i       Frank Brown, b. 18 Oct 1904 in West Wyalong.

                      ii     Albert Ernest Brown, b. 1906 in Walhalla.

            84.       iii       Louisa Sarre b. 1908.

                     iv       Lydia Ellen Brown-Sarre, b. 1910 in Albury.  She married ? Brown.

                      v       Thelma Elizabeth Sarre, b. 1912 in Granya, Vic.

                     vi       Florence Alberta Brown, b. 1915 in Yarra Junction, Vic.  She married John Cameron.

                     vii       Phillip Harry Sarre, b. 1919 in Yarra Junction, Vic.

                     viii       Robert James Brown.


25.  Emma Clark, b. 1858 in Greensborough.  She married (1) Charles Kimber, b. 1846.  She married (2) Alfred Ashton, married 1918.  Emma died 1932 in Yarra Junction.


                      i       Edith Kimber, b. 1886 in Richmond, d. 1932 in Mansfield.

                      ii     Francis Kimber, b. 1888 in St Kilda, d. 1962 in Chirnside Park.

                     iii       Arthur Frederick Kimber, b. 1890 in Richmond.

                     iv       Arthur Kimber, b. 1892.  He married Elizabeth Prust.

                      v       Walter Kimber, b. abt 1893, d. 1976.

                     vi       Margaret Louisa Kimber, b. 1894 in St Kilda.

                     vii       Edward Kimber, b. 1895, d. 1925 in Warburton.

                     viii       Elizabeth May Kimber, b. 1899 in Camberwell.

                     ix       Eleanor Kimber, b. 1905 in Burwood.


26.  Martha Clark, b. 1869 in Allan's Flat.  She married Joseph Watkins.  Martha died 1951 in Yackandandah.


                      i       Joseph John Watkins, b. 1888.

                      ii     Martha Ellen Watkins, b. 1890.

                     iii       William Thomas Watkins, b. 1893.


27.  Peter Frederick Clark, b. 1875 in Stanley.  He married Claudine Marie Chambeyron, b. 1880.  Peter died 1928 in Glenhuntly.


                      i       Arnold Frederick Clark, b. 1903 in Beechworth.

                      ii     Esme Edna Clark, b. 1910 in Stanley.


28.  Elizabeth Jane Clark, b. 1882 in Beechworth.  She married Alfred Wright, b. 1871, d. 1941.  Elizabeth died 1962 in Cheltenham.


                      i       Myrtle Wright, b. 1901.

                      ii     Doris Eliza Wright, b. 1903, d. 1990.

                     iii       Alfred Edward Wright, b. 1907.  He married Pop McWhinney.  Alfred died 1959.


29.  Robert Bailey, b. 1864 in Allan's Flat.  He married Elizabeth Jane Waterworth, married 1895 in Yackandandah.


                      i       Thomas Bailey, b. 1894 in Yackandandah, d. 1895 in Yackandandah.

                      ii     William John Bailey, b. 1896 in Wangaratta, d. 11939 in Queensland.

                     iii       Agnes Jane Bailey, b. 1898 in Wangaratta.

                     iv       Christina Bailey, b. 1900 in Wangaratta, d. 1901 in Wangaratta.

                      v       Elizabeth Bailey, b. 1902 in Wangaratta.

                     vi       George Bailey, b. 1905 in Eldorado.


30.  Maria Bailey, b. 1868 in Allan's Flat.  She married George Harvey, married 1888 in Albury.


                      i       Josephine B Harvey, b. 1889 in Albury.

                      ii     Nellie N Harvey, b. 1891 in Tumbarumba.

                     iii       Jessie M Harvey, b. 1892 in Tumbarumba.

                     iv       Pearless P V Harvey, b. 1900 in Tumbarumba, d. 1955 in Heidleberg.


31.  Georgina Bailey, b. 1871 in Yackandandah.  She married Alfred Albert Dumbrell, married 1896.


                      i       Alfred Dumbrell, b. 1896 in Wangaratta, d. 1896 in Chiltern.

                      ii     Lillian Dorothy Dumbrell, b. 1901 in Narrandera.  She married ? Coulston.  Lillian died 1959 in Tallangatta.

                     iii       James Arthur Dumbrell, b. 1904 in Narranderra, d. 1965 in Corryong.


32.  Belinda Ellen Bailey, b. 1878 in Allan's Flat.  She married John Thomas Lansdown, married 1905, b. 1882.


                      i       Horace Christopher Lansdown, b. 1905 in Yackandandah.

                      ii     Elsie May Lansdown, b. 1906 in Yackandandah.  She married Oscar E Lindle.

                     iii       John Thomas Lansdown, b. 1909 in Yackandandah.

                     iv       Laurence Edward Lansdown, b. 1910 in Yackandandah.

                      v       Violetta Elizabeth Ann Lansdown, b. 1913 in Kiewa.


33.  Sarah Ann Bailey, b. 1880 in Allan's Flat.  She married Erskine Thomas Josiah Paul Ellis, married 1898 in Albury.  Sarah died 1970 in Wangaratta.


                      i       Annie Ellis, b. 1898 in Allan's Flat, d. 1898 in Allan's Flat.

                      ii     Sydney Woolesly Ellis, b. 1899 in Allan's Flat.

                     iii       Erskine Thomas Orton Ellis, b. 1901 in Allan's Flat, d. 1951 in Yackandandah.

                     iv       Alick Hoadley Ellis, b. 1904 in Yackandandah, d. 1970 in Staghorn Flat.

                      v       Nella Emma May Ellis, b. 1906 in Yackandandah.  She married John Charles Schultz.  Nella died 1973.

                     vi       Nola Edna Ladd Ellis, b. 1906 in Yackandandah.  She married ? Thompson.  Nola died 1984 in Beechworth.

                     vii       John Henry William Ellis, b. 1908 in Yackandandah, d. 1941 in South Melbourne.

                     viii       Hedley Gordon Ellis, b. 1910 in Yackandandah, d. 1961 in Fitzroy.

                     ix       William Frederick Ellis, b. 1913 in Yackandandah, d. 1979 in Wangaratta.


34.     Christopher John Bailey, b. 1883 in Allan's Flat.  He married Ellen Mirree Butson, married 2 Mar 1916 in Geelong.  Christopher died ? Feb 1941 in Queensland.


                      i       Emma Jean Bailey.  She married (1) Oliver Najorka.  She married (2) Frank Nordhein.

                      ii     Geoffrey William Bailey.

                     iii       Rita May Bailey.  She married R Cavanagh.

                     iv       Ernest John Bailey.

                      v       Robert Bailey.


35.  Annie Macklin, b. 13 Oct 1866 in Allan's Flat.  She married Antonio Victor de Travers, b. 5 Jul 1852 in Switzerland, d. 23 Nov 1931 in Tallangatta.  Annie died 11 Aug 1901 in Tallangatta.


                      i       Emily Dorothy de Travers, b. 15 Oct 1890 in Tallangatta, d. 1970 in Grov.

                      ii     John Henry de Travers, b. 15 Apr 1892 in Tallangatta.  He married Myrtle Irene McGuire, married 1917.  John died 2 Jul 1922 in Tumbarumba.

                     iii       Antonio Victor de Travers, b. 16 Feb 1895 in Tallangatta, d. 3 May 1912? in WW1, France.

                     iv       Eva Florence de Travers, b. 24 Dec 1897 in Tallangatta.  She married ? Geering, married in Barnawatha.

                      v       Frank Rudolphus de Travers, b. 13 Dec 1899 in Tallangatta, d. 24 Jul 1900 in Tallangatta.

                     vi       Anna Christine de Travers, b. 11 May 1901 in Tallangatta.


36.  Isaac Macklin, b. 11 Mar 1868 in Allan's Flat.  He married Mary Anne Cook, married 1895.  Isaac died 1954 in Whitfield.


                      i       Albert James Macklin, b. 1896 in Tallangatta, d. 26 Apr 1918 in WW1, France.

                      ii     Adeline Victoria Macklin, b. 1897 in Chiltern, d. 1954 in Newp.

                     iii       Irene Gladis Macklin, b. 1897 in Chiltern.  She married Jack Louden.

                     iv       Doris Evelyn Macklin, b. 1904 in Chiltern.  She married Robert Swinburne.  Doris died 1967 in Wangaratta.


37.  William Henry Macklin, b. 7 Jul 1871 in Yackandandah.  He married Mary Jane Hibberson, married 1893, b. 30 Nov 1872 in Tallangatta, (daughter of Robert Hibberson and Sarah Moore). William died 3 Jun 1924 in Tallangatta.


                      i       Henry Macklin, b. 1894 in Tallangatta, d. 1959 in Wodonga.

                      ii     Emma May Macklin, b. 1895 in Tallangatta, d. 1982.

                     iii       Alexander John Macklin, b. 1896 in Tallangatta, d. ? Nov 1911 in Tallangatta, buried: 26 Nov 1911.

                     iv       William Jasper Macklin, b. 1897 in Tallangatta, d. 1903 in Tallagatta, buried: 5 Oct 1903.

                      v       Elizabeth Ann Macklin, b. 1899 in Tallangatta, d. 25 Dec 1959 in Tawong.

                     vi       Charles Abraham Macklin, b. 1900 in Tallangatta.  He married Gwen Henry.

                     vii       King Edward Macklin, b. 10 Aug 1902 in Tallangatta.

                     viii       Frank Macklin, b. 1904 in Tallangatta, d. ? Jan 1905 in Tallangatta, buried: 6 Jan 1905.

                     ix       ? Macklin, b. 6 Jan 1905 in Tallangatta, d. 1905 in Tallangatta.

                      x       Florence Mary Macklin, b. 1906 in Tallangatta.

                     xi       Mary Rebecca Macklin, b. 1908 in Tallangatta.  She married William Gobert.

                     xii       Edward George Macklin, b. 9 May 1910 in Tallangatta, d. 13 Aug 1986 in Wodonga.

                     xiii       Percival James Macklin, b. 14 Jun 1914 in Tallangatta.


38.  Elizabeth Grace Macklin, b. 11 Mar 1872 in Yackandandah.  She married Charles Cook, married 1890.  Elizabeth died 1892 in Tallangatta.


                      i       Benjamin Cook, b. 1890 in Tallangatta, d. 1972 in Wodonga.

                      ii     Ethel Elizabeth Cook, b. 1892 in Tallangatta, d. 1892 in Tallangatta.


39.  Charles Macklin, b. 14 Apr 1876 in Kiewa.  He married Ellen Hannah Frances Waters, married 1908 in Ydoch, b. 1918, (daughter of James Waters and ?) d. 1970.  Charles died 1948 in Wangaratta.


                      i       Francis Gavin Macklin, b. 1906 in Whitfield, d. 1960 in Hart.

                      ii     Frederick Lyall Macklin, b. 1909 in Bright.

                     iii       Arnold Jasper Macklin, b. 27 Apr 1911 in Bright, d. 21 Apr 1983 in Beechworth.

                     iv       Everton James Macklin, b. 1915 in Bright.

                      v       Heather Adna Macklin, b. 1917 in Bright.  She married ? Miller.  Heather died 1975 in Parkville.


40.  Jasper Macklin, b. 19 Jan 1878 in Osbornes Flat.  He married Harriet Steer, married 1905 in Tallangatta, b. 7 Apr 1882, d. 9 Oct 1971.  Jasper died 16 Jul 1955 in Brunswick.


                      i       Hazel Alma Macklin, b. 17 Mar 1909, d. 25 May 1972 in The Rock.

                      ii     Myrtle Annette Macklin, b. 8 Dec 1911 in Tallangatta, d. 25 May 1972.

                     iii       Reginald Keith Macklin, b. 9 Oct 1914 in Tallangatta.

                     iv       Phyllis Verdun Macklin, b. 24 Aug 1916 in Tallangatta.


41.  Richard Macklin, b. 12 Sep 1883 in Tallangatta.  He married Helen Margaret Smeaton, married 1908, b. 1890 in Barwon.  Richard died 1954 in Benalla.


                      i       Vivian James Macklin, b. 15 Jan 1909 in Whifield, d. 20 Feb 1942 in WW2, Ambon, Burma Railway.

                      ii     Elvira Janet Macklin, b. 1910 in Whitfield.

                     iii       Margaret Ann Macklin, b. 1912 in Wangaratta.

                     iv       Edgar Macklin, b. 20 Jul 1915 in Wodonga, d. 20 Feb 1942 in WW2, Ambon, Burma Railway.

                      v       Albert William Macklin, b. 1920 in Wodonga.


42.  Robert Macklin, b. 6 Nov 1885 in Tallangatta.  He married Jane Bell, married 4 May 1916 in Lismore, Ashburton, NZ, b. 26 Nov 1894 in Doyleston, NZ, (daughter of James Bell and Elizabeth McLachlan) d. 26 Jul 1966 in Ashburton, NZ.  Robert died 26 Oct 1950 in Ashburton, Christchurch, NZ.


                      i       Howard Macklin, b. 1917 in Ashburton, NZ.  He married Ida Ruck.  Howard died 5 Aug 1982.

                      ii     Mavis Macklin, b. 9 Mar 1918 in Ashburton, NZ.

                     iii       Robert Macklin, b. 12 Mar 1919 in Ashburton, NZ.

                     iv       Allan Macklin, b. 1921 in Ashburton, NZ, d. 23 Mar 1984 in Ashburton, NZ.


43.  Ellen Macklin, b. 1887 in Tallangatta.  She married James Isaac Hart, married 1908 in Tallangatta, b. 1878 in Kiewa, (son of Richard Thomas Hart and Maria Macklin) d. 1 Aug 1938 in Tallangatta, buried: in Granya.


                      i       Ellen Hart, b. 1906 in Tallangatta.  She married ? Harders.  Ellen died 1979 in Wangaratta.

                      ii     Gladys Irene Hart, b. 1909 in Tallangatta, d. 1909 in Tallangatta.

                     iii       Marvin James Hart, b. 1912 in Granya, d. 1915 in Tallangatta.

                     iv       Annie Maria Hart, b. 1916 in Granya.

                      v       Jasper Charles Hart, b. 21 Oct 1918 in Tallangatta.  He married Lillian Matilda Wyatt.


44.  Edward James Macklin, b. 16 Sep 1888 in Tallangatta.  He married Violet Victoria Ludlow, married 1911 in Violet Town.  Edward died 1938 in Albury.


                      i       Gordon James Macklin.

                      ii     Nellie Macklin.


45.  Thomas Macklin, b. 25 May 1890 in Tallangatta.  He married Esther Olive Adams, married 1918, b. 19 Sep 1900, d. 10 Aug 1974.  Thomas died 1956 in Tawong.


                      i       Robert Edward Macklin, b. 1919 in Tallangatta, d. 26 Jun 1978 in Wodonga.


46.  John Spencer Hart, b. 5 Sep 1873 in Belvoir.  He married ?.  John died 1955 in Wagga Wagga.


                      i       Charles Hart.

                      ii     Edith Hart.


47.  Reuben Hendy Hart, b. 1874 in Wodonga.  He married ?.  Reuben died 1960 in Wodonga.


                      i       Tom Hart.

                      ii     Ted Hart.

                     iii       Willie Hart.


48.  James Isaac Hart, (See marriage to number 43.)

Isaac Macklin

Manningford Villages- Wiltshire


Manningford Bruce is a small village of only a few dozen houses, a general store/post office and an 11th century church. It is one of three villages in the area- Manningford Bruce, Manningford Bohune and Manningford Abbots which were apparently named in medieval times after three local priests or monks in jealous rivalry.


The church at Manningford Bruce, St Peter's, is built from flint with a semi-circular chancel. An ancient churchyard surrounds it.  A memorial to the Macklin Family has been placed in a niche in the wall of the church at Manningford Bruce with the following inscription


"This statue was given by the MACKLIN FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA whose ancestors come from this Parish"


The statue was of a Madonna


The following is a brief architectural description of the churches in the three villages.


Manningford Bruce


St Peter. A very completely preserved Norman church. It is of flint laid consistently herringbone-wise. Nave, chancel, and apse. In the apse two original windows, in the nave one. Plain N and S doorways. The W window of three stepped lancet lights C13. C14 window in the chancel. C15 W tower. Chancel arch Norman, the impost mouldings not at all primitive, and the V-joints bonding the two rings of voussoir stones together not at all primitive either. Ponting observed them and called them unique. Pearson restored the church in 1882. Due to him is the pretty bell-turret with traceried bell-openings and a lead spire and the round-arched wagon roof of the nave. Due to him also the quite unusual and very successful boarded ceiling of chancel and apse, the pattern being the herringbone pattern of parquet. Did Pearson introduce the archaeologically correct painted patterns in chancel and apse- or are they original stylized crockets in pairs, single flowers? Reredos designed by Pearson, not so happy, and made by Clayton and Bell. The stained glass also by them. Plate, Chalice C1574, Plate 1727. School, thatched, one storey, C1841


Manningford Bohune


All Saints, 1 mile SE of Woodborough Church, 1859 by NE Clacey. Nave with bellcote and chancel. The facing stone arranged crazy-paving fashion. Windows in the late C13 style. Declared redundant in 1973. Providence Chapel, Townshend. Brick with stone dressings. 1869.


Manningford Abbots


Church rebuilt in 1861-4 by SB Gabriel following the medieval plan. Nave and double bellcote and chancel. In the EE style. Plate, chalice of the second half of the C15, paten cover, Elizabethan, flagon, given in 1782. Old Rectory, the E part incorporates a timber framed building of C1636, but the house was remodelled in 1812-27. Brick, two storeys. The front has a big window bow and two windows each side of it. Hipped, slated roof. Ample offices behind and at right angles surprisingly ample stabling, with two coach doors and circular windows above the normal ones. The rector at the time was Rev Francis B Astley.

Medieval church at Manningford Bruce

Madonna- presented by the Macklin Society of Australia

Isaac Macklin and Elizabeth Bayley



ISAAC MACKLIN Born 1809  Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire Died 18th June 1889 Tallangatta Valley

married on 20th March 1874 at Wilsford near Pewsey, Wilts.


ELIZABETH BAYLEY Born 6th October 1815 Wilsford, Wiltshire Died 18th October 1869 at Beechworth (Parents: Thomas Bayley and Maria)



Isaac and Elizabeth emigrated to Australia on the "Whitby" 


Passenger List of the Immigrant Ship Whitby- PRO Vic MCN 761, Book 4a pg 103


The "Whitby" arrived Port Phillip on 28th June 1849. She sailed from Plymouth on the 15 February 1849 (134 days passage), put in at the Cape 7th May, sailed thence 10th May.


The ship's record show:


Macklin, Isaac- Labourer, age 40 (husband); Name and residence of employer- Mr Bailey, Pentridge, 6 months at 17 pounds/annum with rations


Macklin, Elizabeth- General servant, age 33 (wife); Name and residence of employer- Mr Bailey, Pentridge


Macklin, Louisa- General servant, age 14; Name and residence of employer- P Vitue, Melbourne, 10 pounds/annum with rations


Macklin, Eliza- Child, age 10

Macklin, Emma- Child, age 8

Macklin, Jasper- Child, age 5

Macklin, Sarah- Child, age 3



On arrival in Melbourne, Isaac was aged 40 and recorded as a laborer; Elizabeth was a general servant aged 33. Both worked for a Mr. Bailey (perhaps a relation of Elizabeth's) of Pentridge for 17 pounds per annum with rations.


They had 5 children at the time:


Louisa aged 14, also a general servant, who worked for a P. Virtue of Melbourne for 10 pounds per annum with rations.

Eliza aged 10

Emma aged 8

Jasper aged 5

Sarah aged 3 (the last 4 were recorded as children on the shipping records).


Other children (see below) were presumably born in Australia after 1849. Of Isaac and Elizabeth's children, their eldest was:


Louisa Macklin


Louisa was born 1834/5. She was married to George Boswell 20th May


1850  in Melbourne. A letter from St Peters Eastern Hill, The Anglican Parish


of St Peter, Melbourne- dated 29th October 1993 records:


The marriage of George Buswell (sic) and Louisa Macklin is recorded as no. 179 in the register. It took place by banns, with consent of the parents (which means that one or both parties were underage), on 20 May 1850. Neither party was literate, as both sign with a mark, and one of the witnesses, Elizabeth Macklin of Pentridge (sister? of Louisa) was also illiterate- though the inability to write did not necessarily mean an inability to read- many could read who did not write. Their address is given in each case as being of this parish, which then included the east end of the inner city, and what is now Fitzroy and Collingwood. The marriage was celebrated by Samuel E. Blomfield, then the assistant priest here, the son of Sir Thomas Blomfield.


Louisa was under the age of consent at 15 years and was witnessed by her mother Elizabeth. Birth records indicate at least 5 children to this marriage: George (1851), Jno (1852), Thos (1856), Eliza (1859) and William (1861). The fate of George Boswell is not known although a George Boswell (of George and Yama nee Tait) died in 1876 without a record of age or place. Also a Geo. Chas. Boswell (of Geo. and Sarah nee Jarrah (sic)) died at Hawthorn in 1897 aged 65. Either of these people may be right (or others). The records were checked from the first register of 1854 to 1913.


An interesting connection is the death in Maffra of a Jno. Boswell in 1886 aged 34 (ie born 1852) and son of George Boswell and Eliza Macklin. Louisa was also known as Elizabeth and would have been 17. Her sister Eliza would have been only 13 at the time. 


Louisa remarried (allegedly), on either 29th March 1863 or the 5th February 1862, a Mr. John Brown in Melbourne (Heidelberg).


John Brown has an interesting and mysterious history only part of which is known. He was born on the 24th December 1819 at Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire, the son of Philip Dagley and Sophia Bazley. He served in the British Army and was wounded in India. He was said to have had a Bachelor of Arts. He changed his name from Samuel Dagley to John Brown at some time- perhaps when he left the army (without permission?) or when he "married" Louisa Macklin. No formal record of this marriage can be found.


John Brown and Louisa had at least 10 children and many of their names repeated (and confirmed) the names of the parents and grandparents. The children were:


1. Samuel Philip b.24 Jan 1864 (Father and Grandfather's names) 

2. Sophia Elizabeth b.15 Aug 1865 (Both Grandmothers names and Mother's name)

3. Isaac Jasper b.13 Aug 1867 d.7 May 1947 (Grandfathers name)

4. Mary Stanton b.25 Jan 1869

5. Abraham b.9 Sep 1870

6. Jacob b.9 Nov 1871 d.30 May 1947

7. Emma b.8 Dec 1872 d.21 May 1888

8. Henry b.1 Dec 1874 d.1943

9. Ellen b.19 Nov 1877 d.Jul 1969

10. Albert Joseph Peter b.14 Dec 1879 d.26 Mar 1942

also a faint memory of a John born in 1856- this could be the Jno. Boswell referred to earlier. 


John Brown an Louisa travelled form Melbourne through Victoria (Maldon, Yackandandah) to Temora following the goldfields where John Brown worked as a wood cutter and water carter, and probably from time to time as a gold miner. They passed through Glenrowan the day after the Kelly gang were captured in 1880. Smoke was still rising from the remains of the Glenrowan Inn. Louisa died in Temora on 9th June 1897, aged 62. John went to West Wyalong and lived with his children, Jacob and Sophia, before his death on 12 September 1906, aged 88. 



Other records show:


From the Victorian Pioneers Index


Louisa Macklin, Female m. George Buswell in 1850. Reg No. 29183, Fiche No. 422. Church of England, St Peters Melbourne. C of E.


Index of Marriages Victoria 1850


Geo Buswell and Louisa Macklin


Index of Births Victoria


1856 Thos Buswell- parents Geo Buswell and Louisa Macklin at Eltham No 3876

1859 Eliza Boswell- parents geo Boswell and Louisa Macklin at Eltham No 12532

1861 William Buswell- parents George Buswell and Louisa Machlin at Eltham No 7204


Louisa and John Brown seem to follow the gold rush through Victoria and finally to Temora in NSW, with their ten children being born along the way. Louisa died in Temora and John Brown later in West Wyalong. George Boswells' fate is not known.


Louisa's death certificate records:


Certified Copy Death Registered in NSW #9658


Louisa Boswell

Married woman, female, 62 years

Marital status not recorded

Date of death- 9th June 1897 at Temora

Usual residence- not recorded

Place of birth- Manningford, Wilts., England

31 years Victoria, 16 years NSW

Father- Isaac Macklin

Mother- Elizabeth Macklin

Place of marriage Melbourne, Victoria

Age at marriage- unknown

To whom married- George Boswell

Children of marriage- Sophie 30 yrs, Samuel 28yrs, Isaac 26 yrs, Mary 25 yrs, Abraham 27 yrs, Henry 22 yrs, Ellen 19 yrs, Berty 16 yrs, One female deceased.

Informant- Abraham Boswell, son Temora

Cause of death- diabetes for 3 weeks

By whom certified- Dr Crawford

Buried- 11th June 1897 Temora Cemetery