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Brown/Macklin/McNally/Campbell Family History
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The McNally Family History

The McNally Family


1.  Peter McNally, b. in Ireland.  He married Sarah ?, married in Ireland, b. in Ireland, d. in Ireland.  Peter died in Ireland.


            2.       i       Edward McNally b. 1813.


Second Generation


2.  Edward McNally, b. 1813 in Argilshire, Co. Armagh, Nth. Ireland.  He married Jane McGahan, married 0 May 1833 in Co. Armagh, (daughter of Owen McGahan and Jane Conlan) d. 25 Aug 1891 in Derringullen Ck., Yass, buried: 26 Aug 1891 in Yass.  Edward died 22 Mar 1883 in Derringullen Ck., Yass, buried: 24 Mar 1883 in Yass.


                      i       Ann McNally, d. 1834 in Armagh, buried: in Armagh.

                      ii     Catherine McNally, d. 1837 in Armagh, buried: in Armagh.

            3.       iii       Sarah McNally.

            4.       iv       Ann McNally.

            5.       v       Peter McNally b. 22 Dec 1843.

                     vi       Owen McNally, d. 1846 in Armagh, buried: in Armagh.

            6.       vii       Jane McNally b. 18 Mar 1849.

            7.       viii       Caroline McNally b. 5 May 1851.

                     ix       Mary Jane McNally, b. 18 Aug 1853 in Yass, d. 18 Sep 1865, buried: in Yass.

            8.       x       Edward McNally b. 26 Dec 1856.


Third Generation


3.  Sarah McNally.  She married John Joseph Galvin, married 1866, b. 1844, d. 1920.  Sarah died 22 Apr 1883 in "Rosebank", Yass, buried: in Yass.


                      i       Bridget Galvin, b. 1866, d. 1943.

                      ii     Richard Galvin, b. 1867, d. 188?.

                     iii       Rose A Galvin, b. 1868.

                     iv       Mary Jane Galvin, b. 1870.

                      v       John Galvin, b. 1873.

                     vi       Denis Galvin, b. 1876.

                     vii       Sarah Ann Galvin, b. 1878.

                     viii       Edward Michael Galvin, b. 1881.


4.  Ann McNally.  She married Charles Amedee Sognies, married 1866.  Ann died 9 Jan 1910 in Cootamundra, buried: in Cootamundra.


                      i       Henry A Sognies, b. 1867.

                      ii     Mary A Sognies, b. 1869, d. 1869.

                     iii       Mary Louisa Sognies, b. 1870.

                     iv       Alfred Emedee Sognies, b. 1874.

                      v       William A Sognies, b. 1875.

                     vi       Ethel M Sognies, b. 1877.

                     vii       Charles Amedee Sognies, b. 1878.


5.  Peter McNally, b. 22 Dec 1843 in Armagh, Nth. Ireland.  He married Mary Martha McGann, married 22 Jan 1874 in St Augustines, Yass, NSW, b. 27 Nov 1855 in Campbelltown, Sydney, NSW, (daughter of Patrick McGann and Johanna Scanlon) d. 20 Dec 1918 in Nth. Yass, NSW, buried: in Yass.  Peter died 25 Aug 1932 in Yass, NSW, buried: in Yass.


            9.       i       Patrick Owen Joseph McNally b. 3 Dec 1874.

            10.     ii     Mary Jane Josephine McNally b. 19 Jun 1876.

            11.       iii       Caroline Johanna Theresa McNally b. 15 Apr 1878.

                     iv       Agnes Alice McNally, b. 14 Oct 1879 in Derringullen Ck., Yass, d. 23 Dec 1879, buried: in Yass.

            12.     v       Sarah Ann McNally b. 3 Dec 1880.

            13.       vi       Rose Bridget McNally b. 27 Aug 1882.

                     vii       Agnes Alice McNally, b. 6 Dec 1884 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married John Victor Fraser, married 16 Feb 1916 in Beckom via Temora, b. 1888, d. 1982.  Agnes died 31 Jan 1965 in Croydon, Vic, buried: in Yass.

            14.       viii       Jessie Vera McNally b. 28 Jul 1886.

            15.       ix       Edward Henry McNally b. 20 Aug 1888.

            16.     x       Clara Magdalen McNally b. 11 Nov 1890.

            17.       xi       Lillian Maude McNally b. 18 Aug 1893.

            18.       xii       Reuben Peter McNally b. 11 Aug 1895.

            19.       xiii       Catherine Veronica McNally b. 10 Jul 1898.


6.  Jane McNally, b. 18 Mar 1849 in on ship "Scotia".  She married (1) John George Smith, married 1870, b. 1848, d. 1877.  She married (2) John Alfred Newman, married 1886, b. 1861, d. 1952.  Jane died 11 Sep 1930, buried: in Cootamundra.


                      i       Cecil Arthur Smith, b. 1871.

                      ii     Frederick Ezekial Smith, b. 1874.

                     iii       Mary Maud Smith, b. 1876.

                     iv       Florence A Smith, b. 1877.

                      v       James Augustus G Newman, b. 1887, d. 1973.

                     vi       Edward G Newman, b. 1889.

                     vii       Leila Adelaide Newman, b. 1891, d. 1952.


7.  Caroline McNally, b. 5 May 1851 in Sydney.  She married Denis Galvin, married 1880, b. 1855, d. 1920.  Caroline died 23 Jun 1929 in Stockinbingal,NSW, buried: in Yass.


                      i       Owen Peter Galvin, b. 1881.

                      ii     Denis Galvin, b. 1883.

                     iii       Hagows Galvin, b. 1885.

                     iv       Patrick Galvin, b. 1887, d. 1944.

                      v       Edward A Galvin, b. 1889.

                     vi       Ethel J Galvin, b. 1892.


8.  Edward McNally, b. 26 Dec 1856 in Yass.  He married Annie McGrath, married 1 Feb 1883 in Yass, b. 1864, d. 1929.  Edward died 4 Nov 1942 in Bowning, NSW, buried: in Yass.


            20.     i       Elizabeth McNally b. 1883.

            21.     ii     Patrick Joseph McNally b. 1884.

            22.       iii       Edward McNally b. 1887.

                     iv       Jane Mary McNally, b. 1888, d. 1931.

            23.     v       James McNally b. 1890.

            24.       vi       Richard Francis McNally b. 1892.

            25.       vii       John Stephen McNally b. 1894.

            26.       viii       Sylvester Ervin McNally b. 1897.

            27.       ix       Norman Peter McNally b. 1899.

                      x       Ida L McNally.  She married Norman Hinton.

                     xi       Arthur Harold McNally, b. 1902, d. 1977.


Fourth Generation


9.  Patrick Owen Joseph McNally, b. 3 Dec 1874 in Derringullen Ck., Yass, NSW.  He married Mary Jane Campbell, married 9 Nov 1898 in Maffra, Victoria, b. 18 Aug 1878 in Bundalaguah, Maffra, Victoria, (daughter of Donald Campbell and Euphemia Beaton) d. 18 Apr 1935 in Katoomba, NSW, buried: in Katoomba, NSW.  Patrick died 17 Jun 1948 in Temora, buried: in Yass.


            28.     i       Mary Victoria McNally b. 5 Sep 1899.


10.  Mary Jane Josephine McNally, b. 19 Jun 1876 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married (1) Robert Thomas Smith, married 29 Jul 1901, b. 1880, d. 1950.  Partner ?.  Mary died 10 Jun 1950, buried: in Yass.


                      i       Oswald Cyril Smith, b. 1902, d. 1952.

                      ii     Robert Smith, b. 1904, d. 1904.

                     iii       Rueben Terence Smith, b. 1907.

                     iv       Leonard Augustine Smith, b. 1909, d. 1929.

                      v       Peter Smith, b. 1911.

            29.       vi       Walter Vincent McNally b. 1895.

                     vii       Edward McNally, b. 1900 in Benevolent Asylum, Yass.


11.  Caroline Johanna Theresa McNally, b. 15 Apr 1878 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married Charles Albert Baker, married 22 Dec 1897 in Newtown, Sydney, b. 1876, d. 1953.  Caroline died 20 Jan 1963 in Penrith, Sydney, buried: in Yass.


                      i       Francis Stephen Baker, b. 1896, d. 1896.

                      ii     ? Baker, b. 1898, d. 1898.

                     iii       Elizabeth Maud Caroline Baker, b. 1899, d. 1899.

                     iv       Ernest Alfred Baker, b. 1900, d. 1972.

                      v       Elsie Pearl Baker, b. 1902, d. 1982.

                     vi       Merle Edna Baker, b. 1906, d. 1984.

                     vii       Albert Charles Morgan Baker, b. 1908, d. 1983.

                     viii       Thomas Edward Baker, b. 1910, d. 1972.

                     ix       William Edward Anzue Baker, b. 1916, d. 1919.


12.  Sarah Ann McNally, b. 3 Dec 1880 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married John Mead, b. 1866, d. 1931.  Sarah died 14 Apr 1960, buried: in Yass.


                      i       James Austin John Mead, b. 1903, d. 1972.

                      ii     mollie mead.  She married mick todd.


13.  Rose Bridget McNally, b. 27 Aug 1882 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married Walter March, married 25 May 1909 in Gippsland, Vic.  Rose died 10 Dec 1962 in Melbourne, buried: in Melbourne.


                      i       Bernard Claude March, b. 0 ___ 1907, d. 29 Oct 1961 in Richmond, Melbourne.

                      ii     Ronald John Selwyn March, b. 0 ___ 1910.


14.  Jessie Vera McNally, b. 28 Jul 1886 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married Ernest Henry Edwin Pye, married 16 Apr 1902 in Gunning, NSW, b. 1877, d. 1961.  Jessie died 25 Jul 1956 in Yass, buried: in Yass.


                      i       Dorothy Claris Vera Pye, b. 1903, d. 1970.

                      ii     Peter Edwin Pye, b. 1905, d. 1905.

                     iii       Dulcie Irene Pye, b. 1906, d. 1992.

                     iv       Phillis Loretta Mary Pye, b. 1911, d. 1969.

                      v       Ernest Walter Alphonsus Pye, b. 1915, d. 1987.

                     vi       Ronald Patrick Benedict Pye, b. 1920.

                     vii       Patricia Mary Agnes Pye, b. 1925.


15.  Edward Henry McNally, b. 20 Aug 1888 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  He married Ivena Bridget Cox, married 15 Sep 1908 in Cowra, NSW, b. 1887, d. 1938.  Edward died 16 Mar 1951 in Coolalie via Yass, buried: in Yass.


                      i       Edward Alphonsus McNally, b. 1909 in Yass.

                      ii     Ivena Doris Maude McNally, b. 1912 in Yass, d. 1990.

                     iii       Dorothy P McNally, b. 1914 in Yass, d. 1972.

                     iv       Donald Keith McNally, b. 1917 in Yass, d. 1975.

            30.     v       Betty McNally.


16.  Clara Magdalen McNally, b. 11 Nov 1890 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married Michael McGrath, married 16 Feb 1918 in Mildura, Vic.  Clara died 8 Sep 1962 in Melbourne, buried: in Melbourne.


                      i       Dorothy Mary Monica McGrath, b. 1916 in Temora.

                      ii     Victor Francis Selwyn McGrath, b. 1918.

                     iii       John McGrath, b. 1921.


17.  Lillian Maude McNally, b. 18 Aug 1893 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  She married Frederick Francis Foley, married 25 Jan 1914 in Yass.  Lillian died 26 Oct 1958 in Goulburn, buried: in Goulburn.


                      i       Mary Monica Jane Foley, b. 1914.

                      ii     Frederick Peter John Foley, b. 1916.

                     iii       Dulcie Veronica Marie Foley, b. 1917.

                     iv       Thelma Foley, b. 1928.


18.  Reuben Peter McNally, b. 11 Aug 1895 in Derringullen Ck., Yass.  He married Alice Emma Rouse, married 24 Nov 1921 in Yass, b. 1900, d. 1992.  Reuben died 1 Jul 1972, buried: in Woronora.


                      i       Mary McNally.

                      ii     Margaret McNally.

                     iii       Peter McNally.

                     iv       Theela McNally.

                      v       Colin McNally.

                     vi       Majella McNally.

                     vii       Edward McNally.

                     viii       Raymond McNally.


19.  Catherine Veronica McNally, b. 10 Jul 1898 in Nth. Yass.  She married H Joseph Geoghegan, married 16 Feb 1918 in Yass.  Catherine died 12 Jan 1948 in Goulburn, buried: in Goulburn.


                      i       Mary Geoghegan.

                      ii     Patricia Geoghegan.


20.  Elizabeth McNally, b. 1883.  She married Harry Winter.


                      i       Jack Winter.

                      ii     Maggie Winter.

                     iii       Dorrie Winter.

                     iv       Robert Winter.

                      v       Stanley Winter.

                     vi       Len Winter.

                     vii       Claude Winter.


21.  Patrick Joseph McNally, b. 1884.  He married Claire Weekes.  Patrick died 1963.


                      i       Norman McNally.

                      ii     Glen McNally.

                     iii       Daphne McNally.

                     iv       Gertie McNally.

                      v       Mary McNally.


22.  Edward McNally, b. 1887.  He married Alma Elizabeth McGregor.  Edward died 1960.


                      i       Bessie E McNally, b. 1917 in Yass.

                      ii     James R McNally, b. 1918 in Yass.

                     iii       Ada McNally.

                     iv       Gladys McNally.

                      v       Lesley McNally.

                     vi       Ervin McNally.

                     vii       Clifford McNally.

                     viii       Alan McNally.


23.  James McNally, b. 1890.  He married Louisa Francis.  James died 1963.


                      i       Gordon McNally.

                      ii     Colin McNally.


24.  Richard Francis McNally, b. 1892.  He married Edith A Harmer.  Richard died 1959.


                      i       Victor A McNally, b. 1915 in Yass.

                      ii     Clement R McNally, b. 1916 in Yass.

                     iii       Enid McNally.

                     iv       Thelma McNally.


25.  John Stephen McNally, b. 1894.  He married Amelia Rebecca Perschel.  John died 1951.


            31.     i       Mervyn McNally.

            32.     ii     Evan McNally.

            33.       iii       Mary McNally.

            34.       iv       Clive McNally.

            35.     v       Rita McNally.


26.  Sylvester Ervin McNally, b. 1897.  He married Eva Stankevich.


                      i       Vilma McNally.

                      ii     Ervin McNally.

                     iii       Ann McNally.


27.  Norman Peter McNally, b. 1899.  He married Isabel Esther Cluney.  Norman died 1979.


            36.     i       Douglas William McNally.

            37.     ii     Gregory Norman McNally.

                     iii       Norma McNally.

            38.       iv       Una Mary McNally.

            39.     v       Ona Therese McNally.

Edward McNally

Joanna McNally nee McGahan, wife of Edward

McNally farm on Derringullen Ck near junction with Yass River (E McNally, 8a; 19a; P McNally 174)

Peter McNally

Mary McNally nee McGann, wife of Peter McNally

YASS TRIBUNE COURIER 17th October 1929




Mr McNally Looks Back


Blind and Bed-ridden but happy


In a little room in North Yass lies a little old man with a flowing white beard. Although blind for many years and practically bed ridden, he is happy. He has no regrets, for he is one of that hardy generation of Australian pioneers who were made to overcome misfortune.


Mr P McNally who lives with his daughter Mrs Pye in North Yass is in his 85th year. He has been blind for 8 years and only walks about occasionally. But this old man who has seen a lot in his day, takes his handicaps philosophically. One of the joys of his old age is to look back over the four score years and talk of the days gone by.


Born in Ireland, Mr McNally came out to this country when 5 years of age with his father and mother, 2 sisters and a brother. They came out on the good ship Scotia and Mrs Newman, mother of Mr Gus Newman was born on board the ship coming across. Mr McNallys father worked for the late Mr Henry OBrien at Douro, and Mr McNally himself has been in and about Yass for the last 80 years.


Strange to say Mr McNallys father also lost his sight in his old age and Mr McNally had to lead him about. However what is still stranger, the old man underwent an operation and had his sight restored.


Mother nearly drowned


Mr McNally cannot recall dates but he has a vivid recollection of the events of his life. During his long life he has tried his hand at many trades but principally carrying and fencing. After leaving Douro , the McNally family occupied a small house in Yass situated at the rear of St Augustine's church. Mr McNally married Mary McGann in Yass and she died some 12 years ago. He has a family of 12 children, most of whom are settled in the district. At the time of the Gundagai flood, his mother was nearly drowned but she clung to a log and was subsequently rescued. The water was up to the table in the house. The first work his mother ever did in Yass was to scrub out the Royal Hotel. Prior to that in common with women of her generation, she used to reap in the fields.


Mr McNally remembers the little old school situated on the bank of the river where Mr Burden, builder and contractor, now lives. Mass was held in the school on Sundays. Before the flood, Mr McNally remembers the double wooden bridge with  nine arches which then spanned the river. At one end of it he says there was a fine spring which had been covered up. When the wooden bridge spanned the river there were no such things as iron buckets and roofs- it was all wooden buckets and slab roofs. Buddy McGuire, another old identity of the town is a friend of Mr McNallys and the latter recalls an incident when Jim Smith, then a butcher ran out of cattle and the 3 of them tied up a steer which broke loose and pinning Smith to the ground gave him a rough handling.


Bullock roasted


 According to Mr McNally there was great celebration in Yass at the opening of the old wooden bridge which spanned the Yass River before the Gundagai flood. All and sundry gathered on the river bank where a bullock was roasted and a royal banquet ensued. However, there was a sad aftermath. A man called Simpson who worked in Ritchies store was celebrating by rolling a lighted barrel down into the river when he slipped and was killed. It is said that there is a rock in Victoria Park now with a white mark on it in memory of Simpson. Growing behind the Oddfellows Hall is a large tree, which Mr McNally in his time has seen develop from a mere sapling. For 20 years he was a member of the Prince of Wales lodge and he paid the first pound towards the fund for building the hall. The ground was purchased at that time for 8 pounds a foot. He remembers the opening of the hall which was an auspicious occasion. One of the much talked of historical events of his time was the Conroy murder and Mr McNally believes that he and Jimmy Fallon saw Lynch, the  murderer, with the 5 bodies in a cart near razorback.


One House in North Yass


Mr McNally recalls to mind the time when there was only one house in North Yass. He also remembers the building of the corner store now occupied Woodhill Simon and Co., also the Federal House where Mr Gorman now lives and which he says was erected by John Collins, a carrier. The old 2 storey place near Yass bridge which has aroused many peoples curiosity by reason of its oldfashioned architecture was built in McNallys time by a man called Appleton, who was a baker. He also remembers Paddy Moore who was a water carter and Ritchie who conducted a store.


Mr McNally remembers a fire at Bowning when 3 grey horses housed in a stable were burnt. The stable was built by John and Jim Loomes. The old gentleman can relate many stories of his bullock team travelling days with Jimmy Collison,  Hildred and Hollingsworth and others. He relates an amusing story of how Collison lost a dray off a punt crossing the river on the way back from the Lachlan. At one time he says the Telegraph Office was where Dr English now has his surgery. His father was an artist on the fiddle and on one occasion played for Roger Corcorans wedding at Boorowa and earned 7 pounds, while the hat was taken round he got another 7 pounds making 14 pounds for his nights playing. Stock values have changed a pound or two since Mr McNallys day, when he says a good heifer could be bought for a pound, and 2 years old steers for a similar amount. He recalls to mind when his father sold a good sort of bullock from the local pound for nine pence.


A man named Watson, a miller, bought wheat for one and six and bushell and sunk it in a pit behind Mr Alex Shaws house which Mr McNally helped to sink, and the following year Watson sold the same wheat for 1 pound a bushell.


Mr McNally still takes an interest in current events and is anxious to know how Mr John Cusack is getting on in the elections.


Knew Mr Cusacks father


Do you know Mr Cusack? asked the interviewer. Know him, said the old man, Yes, I knew him when he was a kid, I knew his father.


There are 4 hotels in Yass now but Mr McNally remembers the time when there were at least 7 or 8, and in his time he recalls the sights of 20 local hotels, most of which for years have been demolished. He remembers Redmans Hotel and the hotel of Shields Hill, also where Mr Field lives and Larkhams and Hannams and Mills, all relics of the days long since gone. The Globe and Sandy Reids Hotel, where Dr Englishs house now is, and the White Swan, have vanished into oblivion, with many others, all of which Mr McNally has clear recollections. Those were days of hard drinking and where there was little if any restrictions on the number of licenses in a town.


To adequately cover reminiscences of this white haired old man of North Yass would fill many papers, for when he once starts to talk of past history, one thing leads to another.


Looking at Peter McNally in his bed and knowing that he cannot see, one is apt to make one feel sorry for him. But he needs no sympathy, this old man, who will be 85 three days before next Christmas. He has a fuller life to look back on than most people, and few of us will live to his age. Mr McNally is still able to move about his daughters home and one of his diversions is playing a violin. Like father like son.


Father Played Violin


It is said that of Mr McNallys father that in his hey-day he was a master bush musician and one of the few men in those days who could induce a tune from a fiddle. Needless to say his services were at a premium at all the bush dances about North Yass. The story goes that after playing for hours at a dance, he would lapse into sleep but still keep on, until finally the music would start to fade. A tap on the shoulder by a passing dancer, however, would stir the player to renewed vigour.


Yass Tribune-Courier Thursday, 25th August 1932



Mr Peter McNally


The death occurred at 2 oclock this morning of a very old and highly respected in the person of Mr Peter McNally, who was 87, and passed away at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Sarah Mead, of Orion Street, North Yass. Born in Armah, Ireland, deceased was brought to this country when he was six years of age. Deceaseds people settled in Yass and the late Mr McNally has since resided in the district. He spent his youth in North Yass and attended the local school. He took up a selection at Derrigullen, where he spent the major part of his life, following farming pursuits. He was married at St Augustines church to Miss Mary McGann, who predeceased him by some 14 years.


The late Mr McNally had been an invalid for many years and was carefully nursed by his daughter, Mrs Mead. He lost the sight of one eye 14 years ago and has been totally blind for nine years.


A family of three sons and nine daughters survive. They are Messrs Patrick (Victoria), Peter and Edmund (Yass) and Mrs RT Smith (Brawlin), Mrs C Baker (Sydney), Mrs S Mead (North Yass), Mrs March, Mrs Fraser and Mrs Geoghegan (Melbourne), Mrs Pye (North Yass), Mrs M McGrath (Rossi St) and Mrs Foley (Goulburn). One brother, Mr E McNally (Bowning) also survives.


The funeral which will be conducted by Mr WH McIntosh, leaves Mrs Meads residence, Orion Street, North Yass, for the Roman Catholic portion of the cemetery tomorrow afternoon at 3 oclock.


Patrick Owen McNally

Patrick Owen McNally (left) and his brothers

The McNally sisters



Educated at the local school at Derringullen Ck., Yass

Roman Catholic

Labourer Treacle factory at Maffra where he met Mary Jane Campbell

Labourer railways in Junee

Gold escort to Sydney Mint

After separation worked as stable groom for 22 yrs for Mr AG Hunters Northwood Park in Seymore

Worked for Netherlands East India Co. Punt Rd, Prahan during WW2

Returned to Temora to live at Rodey farm with daughter for 3 yrs before death

Buried Yass Cemetery R/C section


Obituary- Temora Independent 21 June 1948


Mr Patrick Owen McNally-


Mr Patrick Owen McNally, who died in the Temora District Hospital on Thursday night was 74 years of age.

Deceased was the eldest son of the late Mr and Mrs Peter McNally of North Yass and was born at Derringullen Creek, and educated at the local school. He married Miss Mary Jane Campbell of Maffra, Gippsland, Victoria.

The late Mr McNally was employed for twenty two years as stud groom for Mr AG Hunter of Northwood Park, Seymour, Victoria; and during the last war he worked for the Netherlands East Indies, Punt Road, Prahan, Victoria. For the last three years he had lived with his daughter at Temora.

In his early days, deceased was a railway employee, and acted as escort conveying gold to the Sydney mint.

Deceased is survived by one daughter, Marie (Mrs Abe Brown, Temora); two brothers, Peter (Carlton), and Eddie (North Yass); and eight sisters, Mary (Mrs RT Smith, Brawlin), Caroline (Mrs Baker, Campsie), Sarah (Mrs J Mead, North Yass), Bridget (Mrs March, Richmond, Victoria), Agnes (Mrs JV Fraser, Malvern, Victoria), Jessie (Mrs E Pye, North Yass), Clara (Mrs McGrath, Richmond, Victoria), Maud (Mrs Foley, Goulburn), one sister Vron, predeceased him. Three grandchildren also survive.

The remains were brought to Yass by road on Friday, and conveyed to the home of Mr EH McNally, Orion Street, North Yass, from where the funeral left on Saturday afternoon for the Roman Catholic portion of the Yass cemetery. Father CT Patterson officiated at the home and the graveside. The pall bearers were Messrs. V Fraser, J Mead, O Smith and R Pye. Mr EJ Delaney had charge of the arrangements.

Mary Victoria McNally with friends at Rossi St, Yass